What is a Cigar Humidor And Do You Need It?

What is a Cigar Humidor And Do You Need It?

Cigar humidor helps you to preserve your cigars for months together. If you keep your cigars exposed to air, they will attract dust and will also dry out due to the climatic conditions. This will make the cigars lose their taste and flavor. So cigar fanatics naturally want to preserve them against these conditions. Cigar humidors help you to create an artificial environment where you have your desired humidity level.

Cigars are tobacco products. Tobacco does not grow in colder climates. They grow in tropical and equatorial countries like India, Cuba and Indonesia where the temperature and the humidity level are high. This is the needed climate for cigars to mature. But when the cigars are shipped to other countries you need cigar humidors for preserving them to retain their perfect taste.

Cigar humidors are nothing but a box in various sizes to store cigars. The size would vary depending upon the number of cigars you want to store. There are so many types of cigar humidors namely table humidors, personal humidors, travel humidors, cabinet humidors and walk-in humidors. They keep the cigars moist. This gives perfect taste to the cigars.

Cigar humidors contain humidifiers, hygrometer and trays to store cigars. The humidifier is nothing but a reservoir to hold distilled water or glycol solution to keep the humidity level high inside the humidor. The size of the humidifier varies according to the size of the humidor. The hygrometer is useful in measuring the relative humidity. The humidity should range from 65% to 75% and the temperature should be 70 degree Fahrenheit if the cigars should ripe properly.

When you buy cigar humidors for the first time, you need to season them properly before starting to use. If you simply keep your cigars inside them, the moisture of the cigars will be absorbed by the humidor and the taste of the cigars will go bad. You have to place the humidifier inside and moisten it with distilled water and keep it closed for a day. Then only you should start to store your cigars.

Spanish cedar wood is good for making cigar humidors. Even though they are made of other variety of woods, the internal lining should be done with Spanish cedar panels. This has the capacity of observing the humidity and its aroma blends with cigars to give them a fine taste. When you buy cigar humidors, see if it is made of Spanish cedar. Enjoy the great taste!

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