How To Travel With Your Cigars

How To Travel With Your Cigars

1. Humidor

The most ideal way to travel with cigars is with a desk top humidor. If your humidor is properly calibrated this with guarantee that your cigars are will be maintained perfectly. This also give your room to bring home the amazing cigars you will find while on vacation.

2. Travel Humidor

When a full humidor won’t fit in your carry on, the next best thing is a travel humidor. Travel humidors are often slim and extremely durable, making them ideal for any travel conditions.

3. Tube Travel Humidor

For short day trips we recommend a tube travel humidor. The tube travel humidor holds 3-4 cigars depending in the ring gauge, When selecting a tube travel chose one with built in humidification and hygrometer.

4. Zip Lock Bag & Humidipak

Boveda makes an awesome portable humidipack. This pack, features 2-way humidity control that adds or removes moisture as necessary to maintain 69 percent relative humidity. Place one of these inside a zip lock bag and you now have a make shift travel humidification system for your cigars.

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